Kim Jin Won announces 1st fan meeting with video and poster – and yep she’s looking forward to it

Kim Ji Won, Korean actress and star of Queen of Tears, this year’s most successful K-drama so far, has just announced her first ever fan meeting.

According to her agency High Zium Studio, the fan meeting is to be called “BE MY ONE” , and will be held on June 22nd at Seoul’s Shinhan Card SOL Pay Square Live Hall.

All I can say is, with that title, it sounds like this may be her one and only fan meeting, so I would get there if I was you!

Poster for Kim Ji Won’s first ever fan meeting

The actress’s upcoming fan meeting announcement also came with a cute poster of Kim Ji Won winking at the camera, while relaxing on a sofa.

In addition to today’s fan meeting announcement, High Zium Studio has just released a video (watch below) on their YouTube channel of the actress ranking the characters she has played in recent K-dramas for a variety of reasons:

  • Who is the richest?
  • Who cries the most?
  • Which would be soul mates?
  • Which character would be the most popular?
  • If characters would debut as idols, what roles would they have?

Cute and funny things she does a great job of reacting to.

Right at the end of the video, Kim Ji Won announces her first ever fan meeting with “Surprise!” followed by expressing how much she is looking forward to meeting her fans.

“I’m already excited to spend time with my fans close by. I’m doing my best to prepare for the fan meeting, so prepare for it”.

Watch Kim Ji Won’s personal announcement about her first ever fan meeting in her video below and, if you’ll be in Seoul on June 22nd, of course, try to grab tickets.


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