King the Land Ep 2 ratings RISE substantially as viewers DROOL over Lee Jun Ho in a suit

Lee Jun Ho in King the Land – photo courtesy JTBC

Ratings for K-drama King the Land, Episode 2 bode well for the drama’s popularity

The light-so-far but fun Korean rom com drama King the Land, Episode 2 aired last night with a substantial rise in its ratings over its first episode.

Via Nielsen Korea, those ratings were 7.54 percent nationwide, which is 2.47 percent over the drama’s first episode.

In Seoul, the increase in ratings for King the Land, Episode 2 were even bigger, with the drama earning 8.25 percent of the audience share in its tie slot.

A huge 2.91 percent increase over its first episode, and a possible indication of how well the 16-episode JTBC drama will perform going forward.

As I mentioned yesterday, though, considering the first episode of King the Land kicked off with higher ratings than the very popular Doctor Cha performed with its first episode in the same time slot, it was pretty obvious the Lee Jun Ho-led drama had the potential to become massively popular.

King the Land international viewers also reacting positively

While it is not possible to get an accurate reading on King the Land viewer numbers yet (FlixPatrol is usually a couple of days behind with accurate viewer numbers and Netflix doesn’t release them until the end of the week), comments from international users of My Drama List are positive about the drama so far.

The drama is currently rated a high (for that website) 8.4 out of 10, with comments about the latest episode mostly positive, and ranging from:

I’m enjoying this. It’s simple, funny, cliche romantic comedy that is suitable for the masses. Yoona and Junho so far are great, I like their characters.


Sometimes this is the kind of drama I need. Doesn’t have to be realistic or have to be taken seriously. It’s just a couple of hours a week to laugh. This is the kind of drama I was looking for.

and with several people commenting King the Land seems like a throwback to old-school rom coms of 2010.

And they are ‘all in’ for that.

Some are also enjoying the chemistry between main leads Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoon Ah, as well as drooling over Lee Jun Ho in a suit. (Well he does fill them out well, eh?)

King the Land stars Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoon Ah.

It is currently airing on JTBC in South Korea every Saturday and Sunday evening at 22:30 (KST). The K-drama’s next episode will premiere next Saturday, June 24th.

Meanwhile, outside South Korea, you can watch the first two episodes of King the Land via Netflix now.


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