Kings of Leon ‘Use Somebody’ – Music with Bite: Repeat Rotation Video

kings of leon use somebody caleb




If I’m looking for music that’s a bit harder and has a little bit more ‘bite’ than what I usually listen to, I turn to someone like Kings of Leon, one of the best alternative rock bands to come out of America for the last 25 years.

Kings of Leon has some amazing songs – ‘Sex on Fire’, ‘Notion’ and the one I’m playing all day today as my Repeat Rotation Video — ‘Use Somebody’.

‘Use Somebody’ was one of the singles from their album ‘ Only by the Night‘, and was one of their most successful singles to date, especially in the US and the UK, spending many many many weeks at the top of the singles charts.

And, of course, that’s because of the plaintive sound of lead singer Caleb Followill’s vocals on ‘Use Somebody’ and those amazing guitars – making it a song that really hits you where you feel.

So, here is my Repeat Rotation Video for today – Kings of Leon singing ‘Use Somebody’. Kick ass, isn’t it?

And this one……this one should definitely be played loud, with headphones and……… you must dance.


Michelle Topham