Knight Flower Ep 2 ratings rise as drama looks set to be a hit

Often, when a K-drama premieres, its first episode will perform well in the ratings as viewers tune in to see what it’s all about.

Many will then see a ratings drop with their second episode as some viewers decide it is just not for them.

With the new MBC comedy action drama Knight Flower, Episode 2, however, the opposite is true.

Not only did the first episode kick off with incredibly good ratings for a new MBC drama (the best an MBC drama has had in several years), but Knight Flower, Episode 2 saw an even stronger rating when it aired on Saturday night.

According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of the MBC drama grabbed 8.2 percent of the audience share nationwide, which is an increase from Episode 1’s already strong rating of 7.9 percent.

That made Knight Flower the third most-watched TV show on South Korean TV on Saturday, as well as the most watched show on MBC.

In Seoul, the Honey Lee-led comedy also saw an increase in its audience share, rising from Friday night’s 7.7 percent rating to last night’s 7.9 percent.

Considering Saturday night is the most competitive night of the week when it comes to Korean dramas, with five others airing some time in the evening, that Knight Flower performed so well likely means the cast and crew of the excellent-so-far drama probably have a big hit on their hands.

Knight Flower stars Lee Hanee (aka Honey Lee), Lee Jong Won, Kim Sang Joong, and Lee Ki Woo.

The new K-drama airs on MBC every Friday and Saturday night at 21:50 (KST), with both KOCOWA and Viki streaming it for international viewers.

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