Ko Sang Ho is returning as Yang Ho Joon in Dr. Romantic 3 – his second season in the hit medical drama

Korean news media confirmed earlier today that Ko Sang Ho is returning in the role of Yang Ho Joon a surgeon at Doldam Hospital in the upcoming SBS drama Dr. Romantic Season 3.

It will be the 37-year-old actor’s second season of the popular medical drama.

Dr. Romantic, of course, tells the story of Kim Sa Bu, a famous surgeon who decides to give everything up to move to a local hospital in the countryside.

The story follows Teacher Kim, as he now calls himself, the medical staff who work in the small hospital and its patients.

The drama is known for its wonderful cast of characters, its intense human drama, and its medical stories that are also mixed with both comedy and romance.

Both previous seasons of Dr. Romantic were so highly rated by critics and viewers in both Korea and internationally, it is no wonder the drama is back for season three.

Han Seok Kyu is also returning in the leading role for Dr. Romantic 3, as are Lee Sung Kyung and Ahn Heo Seop in their respective main roles.

As for Ko Sang Ho, the actor has not been idle since the second season of Dr. Romantic ended in February, 2020, as he has recently made guest appearances in Taxi Driver 2 and The Forbidden Marriage, as well as supporting roles in Vincenzo and Ghost Doctor.

The first episode of Dr. Romantic Season 3 is scheduled to premiere next month on SBS, and that is when we will see Ko Sang Ho in action again.

I’m psyched. How about you?

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