Kodaline’s ‘Ready To Change’ video has a girl in a panda suit and an adorable love story

Kodaline’s ‘Ready To Change‘ video has a girl in a panda suit and an adorable love story

Irish indie folk rock band Kodaline always seems to tell a full-length story in their five-minute music videos. And always a story that is quite touching.

Just like with Kodaline’s latest video release. A music video for their new single ‘Ready To Change‘, which tells the story of a shy zookeeper who is only comfortable talking to animals.

Then along comes a woman who is interested in getting to know him more. So how does she get him to talk to her? By wearing a panda costume, of course.

Because when someone is that unable to deal with usual human contact, then you need to figure out a way to help them

As for ‘Ready To Change‘, the song is more rock than folk with an anthem-like feel to it and a chorus that is a bit of a cool ear worm.

The track is from Kodaline’s just released new 4-song EP I Wouldn’t Be, which you can grab on all major music sites. It’s an EP that is a nice stop-gap between the band’s last album — Coming Up For Air, which was released in 2015 — and the third one they are currently working on.

Meanwhile, watch the cute and touching music video for ‘Ready To Change’ below. How adorable of a love story is that?

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