Kokdu: Season of Deity, Episode 13 postponed due to World Baseball Classic between Korea and Japan

If you are waiting for the Korean drama Kokdu: Season of Deity, Episode 13 today, you will have to wait an extra 24 hours as the airing of the episode was postponed in South Korea last night due to a World Baseball Classic between Korea and Japan.


That game ended with a Korean defeat, so Korean baseball fans will not be happy.

Especially as it means the Korean team will likely end the tournament being kicked out of it in the first round.

For fans of Kokdu: Season of Deity wishing to see Episode 13, however, you will be able to do that later today as the episode will air in its usual time slot.

Due to the postponement of Episode 13 last night, that does mean there will only be one episode airing this weekend instead of two.

Episode 14, originally scheduled to air tonight, wil now be airing on Friday, March 17th instead.

With ratings for the drama in Korea falling faster than a meteor — from a 4.8 percent share of the viewership in its time slot for the drama’s first episode to a 2 percent share with its last episode aired — there are also likely to be much fewer of them left by the time the fantasy romance drama ends on March 24th.

And that is a shame because, as an avid viewer of Kokdu, I have found it hilariously funny, sweet and something that, up until the most recent episode, has been able to keep my attention.

For those who are still watching, and I hope many of you are, outside Korea, Kokdu: Season of Deity, Episode 13 will be available later on today via Viki.

Steve Reynolds