Korean actor Zo In Sung confirmed to be considering role in Na Hong Jin film Hope

South Korean actor Zo In Sung may be starring in the upcoming Na Hong Jin film Hope.


The actor’s agency, IOK Company, confirmed this week he had received an offer and was reviewing the script, although it is one of several projects the actor is currently considering.

Zo In Sung, of course, is most recently known for his role as Kang Dae Jin in the hit action drama movie Escape from Mogadishu.

In the past, he has also been lauded for his work in drama series like It’s Okay, That’s Love, and That Winter, the Wind Blows, and in the films The King and The Great Battle.

With his more than two-decades long career in the acting business, however, Zo In Sung seems to be quite picky about the projects he chooses, often choosing quality over quantity.

That means his library of work is quite a bit smaller than other actors who have been in the business as long.

What that also often means, though, is the caliber of drama and movie he does choose tends to be quite a bit higher than the norm.

Meanwhile, the actor has already been confirmed to be starring in the upcoming Ryu Seung Wan film Smugglers, as well as in the Disney+ drama series Moving this year.

If Zo In Sung accepts the role in Hope, he may be working alongside Hwang Jung Min, who was earlier also reported to be considering an offer to star in the film.