Korean actress Park Min Young was not banned from traveling outside South Korea her agency explains

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So far, 2023 is not turning out to be a great year for Korean actress Park Min Young.

Not only is the agency she only signed with in December, 2021 accused of shady dealings when it comes to paying at least one artist the money he had legitimately earned, she is also the now-ex girlfriend of Kang Jong Hyun.

Kang is a South Korean businessman who has been accused of making enormous profits via illegally manipulating stocks.

This week, things took an even worse turn for Park Min Young’s reputation as rumours began to spread in Korean news media of the 36-year-old actress being called in to speak to police about her possible involvement with Kang Jong Hyun’s alleged illegal activities.

As rumours flew, several sources on the Internet even claimed Park Min Young had been banned from leaving South Korea.

Hook Entertainment responded earlier today, however, denying the rumor and explaining the actress had just been questioned as a witness in the case:

We would like to offer some clarification on earlier reports from February 14th that said Park Min Young had been called in for police questioning and that, as a result, she has been banned from leaving South Korea.

In clarification, Park Min Young was called in for questioning on February 13th as a witness in the current investigation, but she was not banned from traveling outside South Korea by the police.

We apologize for delivering unpleasant news during this time, as well as for our agency’s late response to the reports.

In other words, please stop spreading rumours about things you know nothing about.

Rumours that could damage Park Min Young’s reputation when, according to her agency and to Park Min Young herself, she had no connection to her former boyfriend’s business dealings at all.

Meanwhile on a happier note, after her latest dramas Love in Contract and Forecasting Love and Weather were a moderate success last year, the popular actress is soon expected to begin filming on the time travel and revenge drama Marry My Husband.

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