Korean boy-band BTS wins Billboard Music Award and say “It’s crazy, it’s the moment of our life” (videos)

Korean boy-band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, were massive hits at the Billboard Music Awards 2017 last night. Because not only did they look fabulous in cool, trendy black suits, but BTS also became the first K-Pop act to ever win a Billboard Music Award. Which makes them not only cute and cool, but also ground-breaking.

BTS won their Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist — a fan-voted category that, with the massive amounts of love they get from their fans, they really couldn’t lose. And a category in which they beat out Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Sean Mendes and Ariana Grande. Just sayin’.

And, when BTS were interviewed after the Billboard Music Awards were handed out, it was obvious they could not believe what a fabulous night they had had.

“It’s crazy. We’re purely ecstatic. It’s like the moment of our life, you know. Today is the day. Unforgettable, you know. It was crazy”, lead singer and lead rapper Rap Monster, aka Kim Nam-joon, said.

He went on to say, “We were so surprised, when we first entered the stage and fans were screaming. We were so surprised, because we never expected that, you know. It’s America. It’s far from Korea, so thank you so much”.

Rap Monster, who by the way also speaks fluent Japanese as well as fluent English and Korean, said they would love to come back to the United States when they have more time.

“We’re on a tour right now, but we love America so, please, give us a chance…(and we’ll come back).”

And, as far as BTS’s fans go? The boys were clearly amazed at how supportive their fans are.

“It’s Top Social Artist. You guys gave it to us. It’s not made by us, you know, they voted on Twitter like millions of times — I’ve heard it was like 500 million, it’s a miracle”.

As for the 500 million votes Rap Monster mentioned, it was a total of 300 million votes from fans on Twitter and another 200 million on the Billboard website. Crazy, eh?

Watch the Bangtan Boys in the video below talking about their first Billboard Music Award.

Now let’s hope next time it’s for their music as, frankly, they deserve it for that as well as they really are good.

Not convinced? Watch the BTS official video for their hit ‘Not Today‘ below the Billboard video. It’s so cool.


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