Korean rapper Key (Shinee) LOVES one Thai dish? And what does his name mean in Thai?

Note: Every few days, I will be writing about some older TV shows featuring Korean actors/musicians as, even years after their first release, some of them are complete gems. It would be a pity if you didn’t see them.

As anyone who follows Korean drama and entertainment probably knows, a huge percentage of Korea seems to be obsessed with food.

So much so, it seems lately almost every Korean actor or singer I research turns out to be a massive foodie.

(And no, there is nothing wrong with that, as I am too).

One of the latest to admit food is a big part of his life is Korean rapper Key of boy group Shinee fame.

Key appeared on a Korean TV show called The Team Chef a few years ago, during which team Korean and Thai chefs battle it out between them to see who makes food better.

A show that started off with the panel members asking him if he knew what his name Key meant in Thai.

I did, as I lived in Bangkok for 15 years, so I felt sorry for him the minute they asked as it means “poop” in Thai  🙁 ).

Key was a very good sport, though, as when it was explained that he had to say “Key” with a high tone for it to mean “poop”, he realized he had probably said that many times when introducing himself to audiences in Thailand — “Hi, my name is Poop” –, which of course he found hilarious.


Key good-humoredly introducing himself as “Poop” in Thai

Key was then asked about the type of rice dish he likes (as many Koreans love rice more than many other foods).

Surprisingly, he admitted he doesn’t eat very many carbs and thinks rice is a bit tasteless so, if he does eat rice, it is usually brown rice.

This, of course shocked the Korean and Thai chefs for whom rice comes with a huge number of the foods they cook and eat.

The same chefs then cooked several rice dishes and Key, and other celebrity guests commented on them.

Not surprisingly he enjoyed the dishes he ate (who wouldn’t when they are made by top chefs), but one dish he particularly liked.

That dish was a Thai favorite — mango and sticky rice, but with a special cream at the side of it Key raved about.

According to the chef who created it, the “cream” was actually mango mousse made with whipped cream, mango and gelatin.

In other words, Key might not like rice very much, but if it is prepared the right way, even someone who dislikes rice can grow to love it.

Watch Key on The Team Chef rave about mango and sticky rice below.

Sure, the show is a few years old, but that doesn’t make it any less funny or sweet.


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