Lady Gaga’s New Single ‘The Cure’ is an 80’s-Style Pop Song That’s a Bit of an Anthem Too

Lady Gaga's New Single 'The Cure'

Lady Gaga’s New Single ‘The Cure‘ is an 80s-style pop song with a bit of an anthem sound thrown in

Lady Gaga had a surprise for fans during her Coachella headlining performance last night, as she debuted a brand new song live — ‘The Cure‘.

The song came right after Gaga thrilled the crowd with a slew of songs from Joanne, her latest album, as well as other hit songs from her repertoire.

Gaga’s new single ‘The Cure‘, while pleasant enough, is an 80’s-style pop song that to me at least is a bit too bubblegum mainstream compared to what Gaga has been releasing recently. If anything, it’s a step backwards to what got Gaga to become a household name in the first place.

Still, it’s a nice summer-style song, and Gaga will probably have a hit with it. Anthem-style songs tend to do that for her.

Gaga herself is kicking off a worldwide concert tour starting in Vancouver, Canada on August 1st and, currently at least, ending up in Inglewood, California on December 18th.

You can get all the tour date details on Lady Gaga’s website.

You can listen to Lady Gaga’s new single ‘The Cure‘ in the Spotify doo-hickie below, or in the Deezer thingy below that.


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