Lamb’s ‘As Satellites Go By’ live at the Paradiso will give you goosebumps

Lamb’s ‘As Satellites Go By‘ live at the Paradiso in Amsterdam will give you goosebumps

British electronic music duo Lamb (aka Andy Barlow and Lou Rhodes) has just released a video of their recent live performance of ‘As Satellites Go By‘ at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, and it is gorgeous.

Because much of this stunning song is nothing more than Lou Rhodes’ beautifully husky vocals, a simple keyboard accompaniment and the violin. But performed in such a way it is all so incredibly touching.

The live performance of ‘As Satellites Go By‘ is from the current Lamb’s 21 Year Anniversary Tour. The song itself is from the duo’s superb 2014 album Backspace Unwind.

Watch it below. And get ready for the goosebumps.

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