Lara Fabian’s ‘Choose What You Love Most (Let It Kill You)’ is gorgeously addictive (Video)

Lara Fabian’s ‘Choose What You Love Most (Let It Kill You)‘ is gorgeously addictive

Canadian/Belgian singer Lara Fabian released the official video for her new single ‘Choose What You Love Most (Let It Kill You)’ this morning, and I think it is the prettiest track from her upcoming new album so far. Albeit quite dark.

The video itself is Fabian out in a field. Just her and her piano. Fabian in a killer open-cut skirt and boots and looking as strong and as sexy as hell. Gotta love a woman that is only three years away from age 50 still looking as gorgeous and hot as any 20-year-old. And a helluva lot stronger.

As for ‘Choose What You Love Most (Let It Kill You)‘, it is a song that starts off slow and sweet and you think “Eh, it’s okay”. Then Fabian’s clear, soaring vocals come in at the chorus, and it suddenly turns into all kinds of gorgeous. Gorgeously addictive too, as I have had it on repeat for the last half hour.

And I always think when I see Lara Fabian sing, while Celine Dion is the most famous Canadian singer, Fabian’s vocals are just as astounding as her’s and, to me, warmer and richer.

So I am always amazed, as famous as she is, that Lara Fabian still doesn’t always get as much recognition as Celine. She should.

Watch Lara Fabian’s official music video for ‘Choose What You Love Most (Let It Kill You)‘ below.

You can pre-order her upcoming English-language studio album Camouflage now.  It releases on October 6th, 2017, and it is looking like it could be exceptional.


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