Lauren Daigle’s ‘Thank God I Do’ is BEAUTIFUL, even to this atheist, and its music video is GORGEOUS

Lauren Daigle’s ‘Thank God I Do‘ just one reason I like the Christian singer

As an atheist, I have to admit Christian singer Lauren Daigle‘s music means nothing to me. At least religiously, as I don’t believe in that.

That being said, I became interested in Lauren Daigle herself a couple of years ago when, during the authoritarian rules the Covid-19 situation brought down upon our heads by our out-of-control governments, Daigle was one of the few artists who stood up against it.

That occurred in November 2020, when Lauren Daigle participated in the anti-Covid-19-restrictions tour Let Us Worship.

A short performance of Daigle’s that, of course, brought down criticism on her head from the authoritarian politicians desperate to deny us of our basic human rights.

All due, of course, to a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate (although your governments would still love you to believe otherwise). And yes, that is a higher survival rate than the flu.

And while Daigle herself was not as strident as I would have been if I had been in the same situation (“F*** you and your dictatorial laws” would have been, and was often, my response), she didn’t back down, and she did stand up for herself.

Since then, despite being an atheist, I have listened to Lauren Daigle’s music quite often.

Because, as much as I admire her for standing up for her convictions, her voice is stunning and music is also pretty, powerful and I like it.

Lauren Daigle’s ‘Thank God I Do

And now Lauren Daigle’s ‘Thank God I Do‘ is out as the lead single from her just released self-titled fourth studio album and, man, is it lovely.

Because, as an atheist, I look at Daigle’s ‘Thank God I Do‘ as just another romantic song that I love — even if I am aware it means something different to Christians like Daigle and her millions of fans.

Good for you, by the way. And continue believing what you do, as who is to say I am right and you are wrong about the existence of God?

I guess we will all find out one day, eh?

To me, though, Lauren Daigle’s ‘Thank God I Do‘ is just a bloody gorgeous song whose lyrics could fit a romantic relationship, just as well as they fit a Christian one:

I’ve started breathin’
The weight is lifted here
With You, it’s easy
My head is finally clear
There’s nothin’ missing
When You are by my side
I took the long road
But now I realizе
I’m home, with You, I’m home

It is also a single that recently came with a gorgeous music video (yep, the video was released last month so I’m late — sue me!) featuring Daigle wearing an absolutely stunning crown of flowers, and in a house surrounded by even more beautiful floral abundance.

And, while the message of the video may be different for me than to you, one commenter (@Jennifer91320) in the YouTube comments had this to say about how she saw it:

At first I didn’t understand her crazy outfit, but I understand now seeing the end of the video. She intimately knows God, and the crazy colors and flowers are all the beauty of God’s love.

Everywhere she goes, the flowers grow, the colors magnify and everything changes. It’s a metaphor to represent how it feels to have God in our lives. She included the “stop” sign to remind us to pause and spend time with Him, and the “one way” sign alludes to Jesus.

A good enough explanation as any, I would say.

Listen to Lauren Daigle’s ‘Thank God I Do‘ in that gorgeous music video below, and on the Christian singer’s new album below.

Because, in my mind at least, you don’t have to be Christian or believe in God to think this song is utterly utterly beautiful.

More info: Lauren Daigle’s official website


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