Lea Michele’s Getaway Car proves upcoming album Places is going to be brilliant (Video)

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American singer songwriter Lea Michele’s Getaway Car is the latest release from her upcoming second studio album Places. The song hit social media and Michele’s YouTube VEVO channel today. It was preceded by the songs Love Is Alive, Anything’s Possible, and Run To You.

And let’s just say what most people are probably already thinking, Lea Michele‘s Places is, obviously, going to be brilliant. Because her voice. Jesus, her voice. And the deliberate theatrical sound of those beautifully dramatic songs.

As for Lea Michele’s Getaway Car, according to Michele, it’s one of her favorite songs on the album, as she told E! News recently:

“This song is so special to me. I remember being in love for the first time when I was in high school and we would drive around in his car. It was the first time I remember feeling so in love.”

And I think we all remember that feeling, don’t we?

Listen to Lea Michele’s Getaway Car in the VEVO video below.

Her new album Places is due for release on April 28th, 2017. It was named from how, in the theatre, artists always hear the word “places” called right before the curtain goes up. Told you she had a theatrical sound.

Places has 11 tracks. You can currently pre-order it on most digital music platforms.

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