Leifur James’ ‘Wurlitzer’ is AMAZINGLY powerful and ye GODS that stunning video!!

Holy shit and wow. Because I really should be writing more about some of the amazing electronic music I often discover on the video streaming site AltSounds.

Electronic music like this incredible piece —  Leifur James’ ‘Wurlitzer‘.

A piece of piano-laden electronic music that is so intense, I just sat back with my mouth open as it popped up on my computer screen, and watched and listened gobsmacked.

And then replayed it. And replayed it. And replayed it.

Leifur James’ ‘Wurlitzer‘ is his first single since the release of his debut album A Louder Silence last year.

An album I have to admit I missed.

Until AltSounds threw ‘Wurlitzer‘ at me today, and then you can guarantee that album flew quickly to my Spotify favorites.

As for Leifur James, he is a London-based producer whose debut album is a mix of synths and acoustics that create a beautifully interwoven electronic, classical piano, jazz and soul sound.

A mix that is not as intense or otherworldly as ‘Wurlitzer‘, but just as interesting.

Wurlitzer‘, however, with its wilder, more expansive sound, is the track that really stands out for me.

On the website of his record label, Late Night Tales, James describes his composing of it like this:

“’Wurlitzer’ was kind of a break away from the ambience of the album. I was wanting to corrupt the mood of the album with something a bit intense and destructive. I guess there was an unusual balance there for creating something new but in a bit of a destructive mind-set.

I’d been staying at my dad’s in the winter months, he lives in the middle of a rural pre-historic stone circle. It’s quite an intense place in winter. I was playing on the old upright wurlitzer piano there and the wind was shaking the house. I could hear it aggressively whistling in the chimney. The contrast of the wind with the piano was interesting and gave me the idea.”

Watch Leifur James’ ‘Wurlitzer‘ music video below. Now isn’t that the most urgent of sounds! And Ye Gods, that video.

Find out more about Leifur James on his website.

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