Lena’s ‘Wild and Free’ is a Feel Good Anthem – Repeat Rotation Video

lena wild and free

One thing I’m currently loving about being in Vienna, Austria is when I go to YouTube it’s the videos popular in Austria that are showing up as recommendations. And, particularly for music, they are often European artists I don’t always have a chance to listen to.

One such video that has popped up a lot in the last few days is the latest release from German singer Lena – ‘Wild and Free‘. It’s a song that isn’t on her latest album Crystal Sky, but instead is from the soundtrack of an upcoming German movie release — Fack ju Göhte 2.

Wild and Free‘ itself, it’s a strong track. One of those songs that’s written and sung as a ‘feel good’ piece. A song you’ll hit ‘play’ on when you feel so good you’re high up in the clouds, and you just want to feel that way a little longer.

As for Lena, full name Lena Meyer-Landrut, she won the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2010 with her song ‘Satellite. In the five years since then, though, she has really developed as an artist, in singing style and in the strong presence she projects on both video and in live performances.

Listen to and watch Lena’s ‘Wild and Free‘ in the video below. I’ve been playing it as my Repeat Rotation Video today, as it just makes me feel happy. And, yes, it was filmed in the country I currently live in — Thailand — and, yes, it is that beautiful.

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