Leo Aberer Releases ‘So Slow’ Official Video, Funny and the Song Rocks

so slow leo aberer

Leo Aberer releases official video for new single ‘So Slow

Looks like Austrian singer Leo Aberer has been having fun in my area of the world, at least if the official video for his new single release ‘So Slow‘ is anything to go by.

Aberer filmed the video for ‘So Slow‘ in the Philippines but, instead of grabbing the usual bevy of beautiful Filipino girls to make cameo appearances, as most western filmmakers do, Aberer decided to go the Filipino ladyboy route instead.

The result? A cute video Aberer himself is nicknaming ‘Leo and the Ladyboys‘, and one featuring a couple of funny Filipino ladyboys that certainly aren’t camera shy.

As for ‘So Shy‘, it’s a happy, poppy, R&B, reggae-inspired song that is perfect as a summer hit for all your barbecues and parties. I love it. How about you?

Watch Leo Aberer’s ‘So Shy‘ below. It’s beautifully filmed, as are all Leo’s videos (see ‘Never Meant To Hurt You‘ to see what I mean).

I have to say, I like him more and more every time I see him.

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