Leo Aberer’s New Single ‘Never Meant to Hurt You’ is Catchy But Sad (Video)

leo aberer never meant to hurt you


I can’t remember where I came across Austrian singer Leo Aberer, but I heard about him in connection with his song ‘Kangaroo last year. Since then, I’ve periodically watched his music videos as he has a lovely voice, and his songs are quite fun to listen to, with often very clever lyrics.

So today, I’m posting Leo Aberer’s new single. Called ‘Never Meant to Hurt You‘, the video for it just went up on his YouTube channel a few days ago, and it’s pretty with an extremely catchy chorus, although quite a bit sad. As Aberer says in the comments below the video:


We are all searching for a life partner — the person you want to spend the rest of your days with — When we find ourselves we will find the one. This gorgeous couple in the Video inspired me and I I hope I will end up like them. Unfortunately, the universe closed my relationship door for this time and it´s sometimes very hard to understand. But I trust in Destiny. One day I will understand why God closed that door. He knows what is best for me


As for the video, Aberer always has beautiful videos for all his songs, and ‘Never Meant to Hurt You‘ is no exception. It was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal, a city that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Never Meant to Hurt You‘ was written by Leo Aberer. Listen to it below. Pretty, isn’t it?

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