Leo Sigh’s Cool Indie Rock Songs for a Long Drive playlist will make you happy

Since I was a radio DJ for the best part of a decade, I have always put together music playlists for when I had to go on a long drive.

Whether that was a drive down to see my parents from the university town I once lived in, or a drive across country when I moved from Texas to California, every long drive warranted not one music playlist, but often a lot more.

To this day, I still create music playlists for long drives, whether I’m driving or not, (I also create them for short walks too. After all, no matter where you are, there should be music) but, with Spotify, it’s a helluva lot easier than it used to be.

So, today, I decided I would put together a Spotify playlist for you. A playlist of indie rock songs for a long drive, with tracks I think you are going to love.

Leo Sigh’s Cool Indie Rock Songs for a Long Drive playlist

For this indie rock playlist, I picked out a wide variety of songs, as I never like to stick with just one small corner of indie rock when I’m heading out in the car.

That’s why you are getting everything from classics like the 1998 Goo Goo Dolls‘ song ‘Iris‘ and the Oasis song ‘Whatever‘, to later ones like from the Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men and their song ‘Wolves Without Teeth‘.

Songs from indie rock bands I would classify as “definitely having made it” include Death Cab for Cutie‘s ‘I Will Follow You Into The Dark’, and two Arctic Monkeys‘ tracks ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?‘ and ‘Fluorescent Adolescent‘.

The list also has relatively unknown but awesomely fabulous Austrian-based artists like Charlywood with ‘Haircut‘, and Tall William and his just-released track ‘One Horse Town‘ from his debut EP When The War Comes By, to bigger Austrian bands like Bilderbuch with ‘Bungalow‘ and Wanda with their Amadeus Award winning song ‘Colombo’.

I even added indie rock bands you may not be familiar with yet, but that have some of the coolest releases right now — The Head and The Heart with ‘Another Story‘, Rare Monk with ‘Happy Haunting‘,  and Swimming Tapes ‘Cameos‘. All gorgeous indie rock songs from lesser known artists.

And it all wraps up with that stunning piece of art from RadioheadDecks Dark‘.

The playlist of cool indie rock songs for long drives has 40 tracks, is well over two hours in length and, if you listen to it all, you will not only hear some indie rock songs you already love, but others by artists unfamiliar to you that I guarantee you will want to get to know.

Listen to Leo Sigh’s indie rock songs for a long drive playlist. I’ve had it on my headphones all day and, let me tell you, these sounds are gonna make you happy.

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