Listen To Leon Bridges ‘River’ Featured on Suits – A Cool, Retro Sound


Leon Bridges ‘River’ was featured on the USA network’s drama series Suits this week (Season 5, Episode 10 – “Faith“), which could not be a more cool thing to happen.

After all, this time last year hardly anyone had heard of Leon Bridges outside of his native Fort Worth, Texas. In the last few months, though, he has been popping up everywhere, including several late night TV shows.

Bridges’s debut album, Coming Home, was released on June 23, 2015. The single of the same name was so popular, it soon hit Spotify’s Top 10 Most Viral Tracks soon after its February 2015 release.

Leon Bridges performs ‘Better Man‘ live on the Late Late Show

As for his sound, Leon Bridges is known for his 1960s retro style, which is technically soul and gospel but also mixed with rhythm and blues. That style often has him being compared to such luminaries as Otis Redding. However you want to classify it, though, he does have a very refreshing and currently unique sound.

Listen to Leon Bridges’ ‘River‘ as heard on Suits below for just a taste. And if you love his sound, his album Coming Home is now available.


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