Like Flowers in Sand Ep 11 rating steady but highest EVER in Seoul

Photo courtesy ENA

The penultimate episode of the ongoing Korean drama Like Flowers in Sand aired on ENA in South Korea last night to a lower rating than its previous episode.

New data via Nielsen Korea shows Like Flowers in Sand, Episode 11 earned 2.75 percent of the viewership nationwide, which is only very slightly down from Episode 10’s all-time high of 2.77 percent.


In Seoul, however, the coming-of-age K-drama saw a ratings increase, giving Like Flowers in Sand its highest rating yet in that region.

That rating was 2.80 percent, up from Episode 10’s 2.69 percent the previous week.

In other words, right before the Korean drama’s final episode airs tonight, and Like Flowers in Sand is heading into its finale like a champ.

Like Flowers in Sand is a lovely little gem of a K-drama

Like Flowers in Sand stars Jang Dong Yoon, Lee Ju Myoung, Yoon Jong Seok, Kim Bo Ra, Lee Jae Joon, and Lee Joo Seung, and has been one of the nice surprises of the current Korean drama season.

The drama’s plot is well-written, it focuses not only on a bittersweet coming-of-age love story but also takes a look at the not-so-well-known world of ssireum — the Korean folk wrestling sport.

The performances, especially from Jang Dong Yoon and Lee Ju Myoung, have been excellent, the cast of supporting characters quirky and interesting, and the Korean drama’s setting in a small town beautifully filmed.

All in all, Like Flowers in Sand has been a lovely little gem that, hopefully, even more people will discover going forward.

Its final episode airs on ENA tonight at 21:00 (KST), with Netflix carrying it for its international subscribers.