Like Flowers in Sand Ep 3 sees ratings back to Ep 1 level as international audiences have one complaint

Photo courtesy ENA

The Korean drama Like Flowers in Sand, Episode 3 aired on ENA in South Korea last night to a ratings rise that took the drama back to just about the same level it earned for Episode 1.

That rating was 1.47 percent, which was pretty much the same as the 1.48 percent the sports-themed drama earned for Episode 1.


A ratings increase that must have pleased the cast and crew, after Episode 2 of Like Flowers in Sand slightly dropped to 1.41 percent last week.

Ratings and comments from Like Flowers in Sand international audiences

Meanwhile, for the most part international audiences still seem to be enjoying the drama, at least if they are willing to put aside their preconceived ideas of what it is about, and realize it actually isn’t the comfy coming-of-age drama we were all led to believe it would be.

Instead, its focus is more on a mystery and of the reactions and involvement of the people in the small town Kim Baek Du (played by Jang Dong Yoon) and now Oh Yoo Kyung (Lee Ju Myoung) live in.

So far then, Like Flowers in Sand is earning an average of 8.0 out of 10 stars via users of My Drama List, with comments about the K-drama ranging from:

Wow I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Kdrama childhood friend series that is bosom buddies till the end. If this turns out to be that I will be happy to see it. It’s totally a thing and how nice it would be.

Do we know how old she was when she left?

So far if she left while in elementary school or early middle then they are not even who they are as people yet, so they don’t know each other really. All this now is cute because they are certain they do with just a childhood under their belt.

I really like this one.


First of all, anyone who wants to watch this show but is discouraged by the ratings-IGNORE IT , I implore to give it a go its great so far.

Episode 3 thoughts —  the interactions between “Du-Shik” and Baek Du – She seems to genuinely care for Baek Du’s wellbeing, it’s (also) nice to see both the ML and FL nice to each other, open and understanding, from the beginning – in the classic form of bickering.

Like with any Korean drama, there are also some people leaving negative comments, but most of those (so far, at least) revolve around how the female lead (Oh Yoo Kyung) treats Kim Baek Du:

These writers really need to tone down on FL’s thrashing ML’s. It just makes the FL’s look like abusive morons.

The next episode of Like Flowers in Sand has just aired on ENA in South Korea, with the K-drama returning on January 3rd for Episode 5.

Viewers outside South Korea can currently watch the drama via Netflix in some regions.