Like Flowers in Sand Ep 8 rating best yet as international viewers rave about K-drama

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Got to say, I am thrilled to see the Korean drama Like Flowers in Sand, Episode 8 earning its highest rating yet in South Korea last night.

The ENA drama premiered on December 20th to a 1.48 percent rating that began to rise substantially with Episode 6.

Now with Like Flowers in Sand, Episode 8, the Korean drama earned 2.39 percent – it’s highest rating so far, and one that put it in second place in its time slot.

With just four more episodes of the 12-episode drama to air, now is the time for more viewers to find out just how good it has been.

Meanwhile over on Netflix, where Like Flowers in Sand has been streaming for the last four weeks, the K-drama has been in the Top 10 in South Korea for most of this week.

International viewer ratings for Like Flowers in Sand

As for international audiences and Like Flowers in Sand, the drama has been getting stellar reviews since it began airing.

Users of My Drama List (MDL) are rating it an 8.1 out of 10 (high for that site), but it is the comments that prove just how much the Korean drama is enjoyed by them:

This drama is underrated. Great characters, great acting and the chemistry between the entire cast is amazing.

a comment that was made after Episode 8 aired last night, and:

If last four episodes are written (at least) as well as the rest (the acting is perfect, I’m not worried about that), I’m pretty sure it will become one of my favourite dramas of all time.


Totally quirky show but, so far, absolutely delightful in its simplicity. Glad I stumbled into it.

Like Flowers in Sand stars Jang Dong Yoon, Lee Ju Myoung, Yoon Jong Seok, Kim Bo Ra, Lee Jae Joon, and Lee Joo Seung.

Its next episode will air on January 17th and ENA, followed by streaming on Netflix for international viewers.

Watch it if you haven’t started already, as it really is a pleasant surprise at just how good it turned out to be.

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