Lil Nas X says he’ll joke back at homophobes like Lil Boosie after coming out as gay

American singer, songwriter and rapper Lil Nas X came out as gay last week and, as can always be expected when a celebrity admits they’re gay, the homophobes come out of the woodwork as well.

Not that Lil Nas X seems to care what homophobes and trolls on social media have to say. Not if what he said on BBC Breakfast in an interview on Friday is true.

Because, when asked if he was “expecting any backlash”, Lil Nas X responded “Oh, I’m already getting it”.

The interviewer then asked him, “How does that feel?”

“I mean, learning the Internet the past couple of years, I used to be that person being negative. So I’m not angry or anything, because I understand how they just want that reaction. But I’m just gonna joke back with them so….” he responded.

And, as always seems to be the case when someone comes out, another celebrity that seems to think everyone cares about his nasty opinion always has to speak up too.

In Lil Nas X’s case it was fellow rapper Lil Boosie, who had his own homophobic statement to add to the trolls’ list.

“Well…no u know what he was riding on The Old Town Road”, wrote Lil Boosie, followed by a laughing emoji and the Twitter eggplant emoji, which anyone that uses Twitter frequently knows it’s usually used to represent a penis.


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Not that this or any other troll remark seemed to bother Lil Nas X that much.

After all, with his drug convictions, felony firearm charges and several years spent in jail already, you’d hardly call Lil Boosie someone you’d want to emulate, right?

Meanwhile, it seems, Lil Nas X is just going to continue doing what he’s doing. Creating hit songs, joking back at homophobes, and being a pretty damn nice person. Good for him!

Listen to Lil Nas X’s quick interview about coming out as gay in the BBC Entertainment tweet below.

Meanwhile Lil Nas X’s hit single ‘Old Town Road‘ is still killing it, with almost 200 million views on YouTube on the official video (see video below), and with over 75 million people listening to his music on Spotify every month.

Watch and listen to both below.

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