Lisa Pac’s ‘Little Hands’ another gorgeous, catchy earworm from the Austrian singer songwriter

Lisa Pac’s ‘Little Hands‘ — a gorgeous release from the Austrian singer songwriter that is another absolute earworm

It is rare that an artist creates music where I like every song released. One of the few is Austrian pop singer songwriter Lisa Pac who, according to Spotify, I not only love her songs, but I listen to them on repeat so much Lisa was my third most listened to artist of the year in 2019.

Third behind another Austrian artist Conchita Wurst in first place (well..I moved to Vienna because of Conchita, so that’s to be expected) and, in second place, Austria’s finest classical orchestra the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

The Vienna Symphony beat Lisa into second place as they had partnered with Conchita for one of her recent albums, otherwise Lisa Pac would likely have been my second most listened to artist of the year.

But what is funny about that, at least to me, is Lisa Pac’s own father is a member of the Vienna Symphony. So you could say she was beaten into third place by her very own dad.

On the subject of Lisa Pac songs that I love is last Friday’s new release from the talented Austrian artist.

This one is called ‘Little Hands‘, it comes with a beautifully shot yet quite simple video of Lisa singing the song while sitting at the piano (thanks Robin Poppins), and it is an utterly gorgeous song.

Lisa Pac’s ‘Little Hands‘ — a thank you to fans

According to Lisa on her social media, ‘Little Hands‘ was released as a thank you to her fans:

Little Hands is ouuut ! This song is a little thank you for your lovely support, feels surreal waking up everyday being able to do what I love the most!”

From just listening to ‘Little Hands‘ a few times, though, I would hazard a guess it is going to be much more for Lisa Pac than just a fan thank you.

Because it is yet another release from the Austrian artist that is a massive earworm of a track.

And that, along with her stunning voice, is Lisa Pac’s greatest talent. The ability to write songs that, hours after you have only heard them a couple of times, you are still humming and doing your best to sing them as beautifully as she does.

It is why she had such success this year with her singles ‘Sunshine and ‘Helium‘ — both tracks that, even though they are more upbeat songs than ‘Little Hands‘, are equally as catchy and addictive.

Listen to Lisa Pac’s ‘Little Hands‘ on Spotify (in widget below), and watch the song’s lovely music video below to see what I mean.

Then see if it’s still bouncing around in your head hours later like it still is in mine.

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