LiSA’s ‘HADASHi NO STEP another big hit for the singer? Watch song’s cool music video and you’ll see

Partial cover of the limited production edition CD jacket

You just know LiSA’s ‘HADASHi NO STEP‘, which is due to be released tomorrow, will be yet another big hit for the Japanese singer.

After all, not only is the singer one of the biggest stars in Japan right now, with almost every song she has released in the last few years being big hits, LiSA‘s phenomenal success with the Demon Slayer theme song ‘Gurenge‘ in 2019 (watch her amazing live performance of the song here) catapulted her to super stardom.

Now, her latest release, ‘HADASHi NO STEP’ sounds like it could be another big hit.

At least if the addictive nature of both the song’s melody and LiSA’s massive vocals are anything to go by.

On top of that, the track is already the theme song for the Japanese TV series Promise Cinderella, so is already well-known in Japan.


Cover of standard edition of CD release

LiSA’s ‘HADASHi NO STEP’ is her 19th single to date, and also came with a cool music video on Sunday.

In that video we see the singer in an orange-themed studio that goes beautifully with her fabulous hair, dressed in a variety of wildly colored outfits, and madly dancing with her backing group.

Watch the music video for ‘HADASHi NO STEP‘ below. The song is officially out on CD in Japan tomorrow.

I don’t know about you or your artistic sensibilities but, for me, yep, LiSA has released yet another banger. In every conceivable way.


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