Listen To 1st Vows ‘Kimono’ Featured on ‘Mistresses’ – It’s a Slow Dancer

1st vows

1st Vows‘ song ‘Kimono‘ was featured on the ABC drama Mistresses on Thursday night — (Season 3, Episode 4 “Into The Woods“). The song is from 1st Vows’ recently released five-track debut EP The Red EP.

As for 1st Vows, it’s singer Ryan Hunter’s latest project. Hunter, of course, is a former member of the pop punk band Kingston 12 and former frontsman of Envy on the Coast. He’s now solo, and producing some amazing music as 1st Vows. The best he’s done so far, I’d say.

Listen to 1st Vows ‘Kimono‘ in the Deezer widget below to see if you agree. To me, it’s what I call a ‘slow dancer’. You know, one of those songs you can sway gently to. Love it.

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