Listen to 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Why Won’t You Love Me’ from Liaison, Episode 2

The British-French drama Liaison, which is currently streaming on Apple TV+, is not only an interesting spy thriller, it has also been featuring some damn decent songs on each episode’s soundtrack so far.

Tracks like 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Why Won’t You Love Me‘, which was played on Liaison, Season 1, Episode 2, “Chaos” this week.

It was the song kids were listening to on the train.

5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Why Won’t You Love Me‘ was released by the Aussie pop rock band as a track on their third studio album Youngblood.

The album came out in June, 2018 on the Capitol record label.

It spawned four singles, and charted in an astounding 27 countries, including at #1 in Australia, and in the United States.

The song ‘Why Won’t You Love Me‘ is sung by one of two people in a relationship who is constantly traveling for work, and so never has time for the person he loves.

He knows the relationship is collapsing because of it, but will continue to pretend it isn’t with the hope it won’t ultimately end:

Switching into airplane mode again
We’re not alright, but I’ll pretend
Press my cheek against the glass
Just be good till I get back

Listen to 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Why Won’t You Love Me‘ as heard on Liaison this week on the Deluxe version of the pop band’s Youngblood album, and in the video.


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