Listen to 50 Cent’s ‘Crazy’ from ‘Power – Season 5, Episode 6, “A Changed Man?” — it’s a rant session

The 50 Cent song ‘Crazy‘ featuring hip hop artist PnB Rock was played on the latest episode of the Starz crime drama series Power this week — Season 5, Episode 6, “A Changed Man?“.

The track was heard as the credits for the episode began to play.

50 Cent’s ‘Crazy‘ is possibly from the 43-year-old rapper’s upcoming sixth studio album Street King Immortal, an album that has been a couple of years in the making, but has yet to be released.

Or, it could be from another project he is currently working on — the KANAN: Reloaded mixtape — and another project he has been talking about since early 2016, but we have yet to see.

With the release of ‘Crazy‘, 50 didn’t specify which, and frankly it could be neither, so your guess is as good as mine.

Either way, ‘Crazy‘ is a massive rant session from someone who seems to be more than just a little bit bitter which, in itself, is kinda cool.

Crazy’ was released back in April, and quickly garnered more than 2 million listens on YouTube.  And it is a song that is dark and quite sad, with its references to Lloyd Banks no longer speaking to 50 Cent and other possible slights:

“Called my son twice, he ain’t picking up the phone / And Banks, me and him don’t even talk no more/ You know ’cause of me, he ain’t never had to sell crack/ Never used no knife or squeeze no strap.”

Listen to ‘Crazy’ below. And yep, it was nice to see him being given respect on a popular TV show. The man deserves it.

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