Listen to A Tribe Called Red’s ‘Electric Pow Wow Drum’ from ‘Chance’ (Video)


The Canadian electronic music group A Tribe Called Red’s track ‘Electric Pow Wow Drum‘ was featured in the latest episode of the Hulu series ‘Chance‘ recently — Season 1, Episode 5, “A Still Point in the Turning World” — and it’s a track that I keep coming back to again and again since I first hear it, as it is just so damned goosebumpingly cool.

‘Electric Pow Wow Drum‘ is from A Tribe Called Red’s self-titled debut album, an album where every track is as brilliant as this one.

Oh and yeah, before you start to talk about ‘stealing a minority group’s ethnicity’ A Tribe Called Red does get to use First Nation inspired music within their own brand of pow wow music. That is because all three members of the group are from various Aboriginal Canadian nations.

And here’s something fun. Because, as if the track wasn’t awesome enough, you can get the group’s self-titled debut album A Tribe Called Red, which includes the track ‘Electric Pow Wow Drum’, for free here.

Meanwhile, watch the official video for the track below.

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