Listen to Adlt Vdeo’s ‘Alive’ from The Magicians, Season 4, Episode 1, “A Flock of Lost Birds”

Adlt Vdeo’s  ‘Alive‘ was played on the new episode of the fantasy series The Magicians this week — Season 4, Episode 1, “A Flock of Lost Birds“.


The track was heard as Zelda and the Dean talk about the gang, and as we see the gang going on with their new lives.

Adlt Vdeo is Luke Top and Mindy Jones, a duo from Los Angeles whose songs have been so popular with TV show music supervisors, they have already been featured on The CW’s Beauty and the Beast, CBS’s Extant, MTV’s Scream and the Netflix show Hemlock Grove.

Their cover of the Tears for Fears hit ‘Mad World‘ was also featured on NBC’s Timeless.

Alive‘ is from the duo’s 2017 seven-track album Chameleon.

Listen to Adlt Vdeo’s ‘Alive‘ as heard on The Magicians in the video below. You can hear the entire album in the Spotify widget below that.

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Michelle Topham