Listen to Agnes Obel’s ‘Familiar’ from Netflix series ‘Dark’, Season 1, Episode 3

Listen to Agnes Obel’s ‘Familiar’ from the Netflix series Dark, Episode 3 “Past and Present

Danish singer and songwriter Agnes Obel‘s song ‘Familiar’, was featured on the newly released Netflix German-language series Dark — Season 1, Episode 3, “Past and Present” this week.

The track was played as we see dead birds beginning to fall from the sky, and through a montage of some of the series’ characters.

Agnes Obel’s ‘Familiar‘ is from her third studio album Citizen of Glass, which was released in 2016. It is also not the first song of hers to be featured on a TV series.

In the past, Obel has also had songs used on a number of popular shows including How To Get Away with Murder, Riverside, The Mist and Midnight, Texas.

Familiar‘ was written by Obel and, along with her beautiful and quite ethereal heart-grabbing vocals, features a gorgeous violin and cellos that add such a lovely richness to the track.

Listen to Agnes Obel’s ‘Familiar‘ in the official music video for the song below.

You can currently pick up her album Citizen of Glass at Bandcamp, and can learn more about the critically-acclaimed singer on her website.

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