Listen to Agnes Obel’s ‘It’s Happening Again’ from Dark — Season 2, Episode 1, “Anfänge und Enden”

The incredibly talented Danish singer songwriter Agnes Obel continues to get her music featured on hit TV series/web series.

After last week’s feature on Netflix’s Euphoria, Obel’s music showed up on yet another Netflix series last night.

This time, it was Agnes Obel’s ‘It’s Happening Again‘ on the new season of the hit German sci-fi series Dark — Season 2, Episode 1, “Anfänge und Enden” (Beginnings and Endings). And a return to the series by Obel, whose music was also used on the soundtrack during Season 1.

Obel’s latest track chosen for Dark was played as we see the montage of all the characters, and as Noah comes out of the church. It has the same hauntingly dreamy quality of most of her music, and was stunning in that scene.

Other series her music has been featured in (and it’s a massive list!) include Midnight, Texas, Our Girl, Lost Girl, Reign, Parenthood, The Mist, The Royals, Scream: The TV Series, How To Get Away with Murder and Pretty Little Liars.

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Agnes Obel’s ‘It’s Happening Again‘ is from her 2016 third studio album Citizen of Glass, and was the third single from the album.

Citizen of Glass was critically acclaimed upon release, with critics pointing out it was a much less minimalist release than her previous two albums, but no less powerful.

Listen to Obel’s ‘It’s Happening Again‘ in her official music video below.

You can also hear her album Citizen of Glass in full in the Spotify widget below that.

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