Listen To Alessia Cara’s ‘River Of Tears’ as Featured on Grey’s Anatomy — Sadness and Loss

alessia cara river of tears

Alessia Cara‘s ‘River Of Tears‘ was featured on Grey’s Anatomy last week (Season 12, Episode 24 – “Family Affair” — May 19th), and isn’t it strange, when you listen to the song and to Cara’s voice so full of pain, you can tell it’s the perfect song to be played on the soundtrack of a TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, as the images that it causes to play in your head are all about loss.

As for Alessia Cara, she is a Canadian singer songwriter who has been getting a lot of attention since her debut album Know-It-All released late last year. (Don’t miss her incredible debut on Ellen last month).

The album has spawned two singles so far — ‘Here‘ and ‘Wild Things‘ — both of which have been certified Gold or Platinum in a slew of countries. Not bad for someone who is just 19.

Listen to Alessia Cara’s ‘River Of Tears’ below, and you will see just why she has become so talked about so quickly. Because, damn, she has the most beautiful voice.


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