Listen to Alex Ebert’s ‘Glimpses’ from Walker: Independence, Season 1, Ep. 6 — sweet and sad

American indie pop, psychedelic rock singer songwriter Alex Ebert’s ‘Glimpses‘ was played on the newest episode of Walker: Independence last night — Walker: Independence, Season 1, Episode 6, “Random Acts“.

The track was heard as Francis’ body is brought back to town, and Calian is arrested. It continues playing as Tom is stabbed.

Alex Ebert’s ‘Glimpses‘ is from the singer’s 10-track debut studio album Alexander, which came out in 2011 via the Community Records label.

An album that, despiste the disgruntled mumblings of so-called “music critics”, has seemed to catch the attention of TV show music supervisors, with songs from it being licensed for play on popular shows like Breaking Bad, Chuck, and Suits.

And an album that didn’t get a follow up for almost a decade, which makes me wonder did Alex Ebert let idiotic music critics destroy his enjoyment of creating music?

It would be sad if he did, as his album Alexander is beautiful.

Apparently, Ebert himself also loved creating solo music so much, especially after years of being the lead singer of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Ima Robot, he called it “addictive”.

Listen to Alex Ebert’s ‘Glimpses‘ as heard on last night’ Walker: Independence, in the video, and on his full-length album Alexander.

There is also a live performance Ebert gave of ‘Glimpses‘ and another track ‘Man on Fire‘ at the Grammy Museum back in 2020 that is really really sweet.

Watch down below.


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