Listen to Alexandra Savior’s ‘Crying All the Time’ from School Spirits, Season 1, Ep. 4 – a somber, moody banger

Indie dream pop, psychedelic rock singer songwriter Alexandra Savior’s ‘Crying All the Time‘ was played on School Spirits last night — School Spirits, Season 1, Episode 4, “Ghoul Intentions“.

The moody, somber song was the track playing as Nicole (Kiara Pichardo) is looking for Maddie (Peyton List).

Alexandra Savior’s ‘Crying All the Time‘ was released in mid-2019 as the first single from her sophomore studio album The Archer, which came out on the 30th Century Records label.

It was an album that was more than a small struggle for Savior, who was dropped from her first record label and, at the time, thought she may never make another record again.

But because of help from hip hop singer Danger Mouse, she was able to get a signing deal with 30th Century Records.

She then went on to release The Archer.

An album she was in full control of from the get-go, and so it came out sounding much more like her genuine self than her first more controlled full-length release.

That resulted in bangers like ‘Crying All the Time‘, a standout from the album, and a song with lyrics that talk about the consequences of a breakup.

Listen to Alexandra Savior’s ‘Crying All the Time‘ as heard on School Spirits in the song’s somber music video, and on the singer’s second studio album The Archer.

You can watch the first season of School Spirits on Paramount Plus.


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