Listen to Alicia Keys ‘Hallelujah’ from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, A Gorgeous Hand-Clap Track


Alicia Keys‘ ‘Hallelujah‘ was featured on Grey’s Anatomy a couple of weeks ago (September 22nd, 2016) — Season 13, Episode 1, “Undo“. It was heard towards the end of the episode when Meredith tells Nathan she is not in love with him, and then she visits Alex in jail.


Hallelujah‘ is from Alicia Keys sixth, and latest, album Girl On Fire, and is one of the most fabulous hand clap tracks I’ve ever heard, which gives the song a huge amount of power and emotion.

As you can also tell from the title, ‘Hallelujah‘ obviously has somewhat of a religious theme, although it is still more of her begging her lover to “please protect me from my tears” when hope disappears.

Listen to it below and, of course, grab Keys’ Girl On Fire from one of the major digital music sites.

Michelle Topham