Listen to Amy Stroup’s eerie ‘In The Shadows’ from ‘Lucifer’ — Season 3, Ep. 9, “The Sinnerman”

Listen to Amy Stroup’s eerie ‘In The Shadows‘ from Lucifer

Nashville based singer songwriter Amy Stroup’s  song ‘In The Shadows‘ was featured on the latest episode of Lucifer this week — (4th December, 2017), Season 3, Episode 9, “The Sinnerman“.

It was played as Lucifer surveys the scene at the police station before going into the interrogation room where The Sinnerman is being held.

In The Shadows‘ was released as a single in early 2016.

The song was also played in the TV series The Vanishing Women, a docu-drama about the six women that have gone missing in Chillicothe, Ohio since early 2014. ‘In The Shadows’ added a suitably eerie sound.

Listen to Amy Stroup’s ‘In The Shadows‘ in the video below.

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