Listen to Amy Stroup’s I Got This from Pretty Little Liars then download it on Noisetrade

Listen to Amy Stroup's I Got This

Listen to Amy Stroup’s I Got This  from Pretty Little Liars — it’s such an upbeat, positive song

Nashville based Amy Stroup’s I Got This was featured on the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars this week — Season 7, Episode 11, “Playtime“. The song was heard when Katherine agrees to wear one of Hanna’s dresses.


And it is an Amy Stroup song you will not have heard before, as it is a never released track Stroup just put up on her YouTube channel last night. A track that is catchy and upbeat and fun, and really makes you start to think “Yeah, I can do that”.

Listen to Amy Stroup’s I Got This in the video below.

And if you love the track, you can also download it for free from Noisetrade, although I do suggest throwing her a tip because, no matter who you are, every musician should be paid fairly for their work.

Michelle Topham