Listen to Andrew Belle’s ‘I Won’t Fight It’ from ‘Pretty Little Liars’, It’s So Very Beautiful

pretty little liars

Andrew Belle’s ‘I Won’t Fight It‘ was featured on Pretty Little Liars this week — (21st June, 2016 — Season 7, Episode 1 – “Tick Tock, Bitches“). The track is from his second studio album Black Bear.

It is not the first time the Chicago-based Belle’s music has been featured in a TV show, however, as he has also had songs chosen forĀ The Vampire Diaries, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy and another episode of Pretty Little Liars.

As for Andrew Belle’s ‘I Won’t Fight It‘, it is one of the most beautiful songs. And with Belle’s vocals hitting the just about perfect in both the lower range and that sweet falsetto, you don’t get much better male indie pop vocals than these.

Listen to ‘I Won’t Fight It‘ below. Lovely, isn’t it?

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