Listen To Ane Brun’s ‘All My Tears’ from ‘Hell On Wheels’ — Simple But Powerful

ane brun rarities cover art

Norwegian folk pop singer and songwriter Ane Brun‘s ‘All My Tears‘ was featured on Hell On Wheels last week (Season 5, Episode 12 – “Any Sum Within Reason“) during the scene when Cullen goes to see Mei, only to discover she has left and is now on her way to China. It is a track you may have heard on another TV show recently — Peaky Blinders.

As for Ane Brun, she is based in Stockholm, Sweden where, as well as being a very busy singer-songwriter, she runs her own record label — Balloon Ranger Recordings.

Brun’s ‘All My Tears‘ is from her compilation album Rarities, which hit number 21 on the Norwegian charts when it was released back in 2013.

Listen to ‘All My Tears‘ in the video below. It’s one of those songs that is perfect for a TV series like Hell On Wheels as it is so powerful because it is so simple.

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