Listen to Angus Powell’s ‘Monsters’ from ‘Elementary’ — Beautiful But Sad


The Angus Powell track ‘Monsters‘ was featured on the detective series ‘Elementary — Season 3, Episode 1, “Enough Nemesis To Go Around” — this week.

The song was played when Joan leaves Sherlock’s brownstone, and is asked by Kitty why she decided to work with him when her original career path was going to be much more successful.

The third season of ‘Elementary’ has just been released on Netflix in Europe.

Monsters‘ is from Angus Powell’s 2015 four-track EP of the same name.

As for Powell, he is a Welsh acoustic pop folk singer who writes and records his music in his own home, as well as outside in the surrounding countryside.

No wonder his music has such a personal feel to it. A feel most of us can easily relate to, and one that seems to have captured the attention of various TV show music supervisors.

So much so, Powell has already had his work featured in the movies ‘Soft Lad‘ and ‘Visions‘, and in the Audience network TV series ‘Kingdoms‘, and this week in ‘Elementary‘.

Watch and listen to the ethereal ‘Monsters‘ in Powell’s official video below. It is such a sad, but beautiful song. You can pick up his debut EP featuring ‘Monsters‘ on most major music sites.


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