Listen to Anika’s ‘I Go To Sleep’ from Australian series ‘Sisters’

Listen to Anika’s ‘I Go To Sleep‘ from Sisters — it’s quirky and cool

The superb Australian comedy drama Sisters had its debut on Netflix last month. Along with the beautifully written script, it also has an interesting and quite quirky soundtrack, including the British-German singer Anika’s song ‘I Go To Sleep‘.

The track was played on Sisters, Season 1, Episode 1 during the scene when Julia was at the graveyard after her father has told the newspapers he substituted his sperm at the IVF clinic he owned and operated, and has probably fathered hundreds of children.

Anika’s ‘I Go To Sleep‘ is a cover version of the The Pretender’s song, which was also a cover version of the original song released by The Applejacks back in 1965.

Anika’s version of the song was released on her 2010 self-titled debut album via the Invada record label. An album of mainly cover songs.

Interestingly, the track was not one of the two singles released from the album although, along with ‘Yang Yang‘, is one of the two songs Anika is most known for.

Anika herself has sung with the electronic music band Beak (the songs she recorded with them were released as her debut album), and recently founded her own band — the Mexico City based band Exploded View.

She also currently DJs for Berlin Community Radio.

Listen to Anika’s ‘I Go To Sleep‘ in her official music video below. Her sometimes slightly off-key, dead pan vocals may be an acquired taste to some, but I think they are gorgeous.

You can also hear her entire debut album in the Spotify widget below that.

And there is tons more music from TV shows and movies here.

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