Listen to Anita Baker’s ‘Sweet Love’ from South Park, Season 22, Episode 9, “Unfulfilled”

Listen to Anita Baker’s ‘Sweet Love‘ from South Park — irony at its best

Anita Baker’s gorgeous song ‘Sweet Love‘ was a massive hit for the R&B singer when it was first released as the second single from her second studio album Rapture way back in 1986.

The song was the biggest hit Baker had had at that point in time, and Rapture itself became not only a mega-seller, but also earned Anita Baker two Grammy Awards.

One of them was for ‘Sweet Love‘ as the Best R&B Song of the prior year.

This week, Anita Baker’s ‘Sweet Love’ made a welcome comeback when it was featured on the newest episode of the iconic animated series South Park — Season 22, Episode 9, “Unfulfilled” — a wonderful episode railing against Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Amazon itself’s appalling violations of basic worker rights, and its taking over of the world.

It was played in an ironic way when the boys went to the abandoned South Park shopping mall, only to discover it was full of former employees.

Listen to Anita Baker’s ‘Sweet Love‘ in the official music video below. You can also see a lovely live performance of the song the now 60-year-old singer gave earlier in the year at the Capital Jazz Fest in the video below that.

Her album Rapture is accessible in its entirety in the Spotify widget. You can watch all South Park episodes here.

And yes, like South Park warns, don’t shop at Amazon!

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