Listen to Anson Seabra’s ‘Walked Through Hell’ from Grey’s Anatomy, Season 17, Episode 8

American indie singer songwriter Anson Seabra’s ‘Walked Through Hell‘ was played on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy yesterday evening — Grey’s Anatomy, Season 17, Episode 8, “It’s All Too Much“, which aired on 18th March, 2021.

The song was heard during the opening scene as Altman is talking to Grey, and everyone is told about the memorial for Dr. DeLuca.

And, if you think Anson Seabra’s ‘Walked Through Hell‘ is a sad song, you should watch the track’s official music video.

A video featuring Seabra and his girlfriend — a couple who are obviously incredibly in love. Until she dies and leaves him all alone with nothing but the photographs she once took of him to remember her by.

The song itself was released by the Mid-West native as a stand-alone single last year.

That was then followed by the singer’s 15-track debut studio album Songs I Wrote In My Bedroom soon after, which was released via the friends support friends record label.

Listen to Anson Seabra’s ‘Walked Through Hell‘ in the song’s music video and on his debut album below.



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