Listen to Arlo Parks’ ‘Hurt’ from Truth Be Told, Season 2, Episode 3

English singer songwriter Arlo Parks’ ‘Hurt‘ was played on Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told soundtrack last night — Truth Be Told, Season 2, Episode 3, “If Wishes Were Horses“.

The song was heard on the episode as Markus is in his office watching Ramon on the security camera.

Arlo Parks’ ‘Hurt‘ is from her debut studio album Collapsed in Sunbeams, which was released in January this year via the Transgressive Records label.

Hurt‘ was the album’s third single out of seven, with Parks singing about Charlie whose life has been so terrible he has cut himself off from feeling anything.

Charlie drank it ’til his eyes burned / Then forgot to eat his lunch / Pain was built into his body / Heart so soft, it hurt to beat.”

In the chorus, though, the singer reminds him if he allows himself to feel it will only hurt for a while.

And then he will ultimately feel better.

The song also arrived with a music video featuring Arlo Parks singing to Charlie as Charlie seems hopeless at the beginning, but then begins to break out of his hell.

Listen to Arlo Parks’ ‘Hurt‘ as heard on Truth Be Told in her music video, and on her album Collapsed in Sunbeams.

The album, by the way, is gorgeous, which is why I have embedded the whole thing below. Listen to it, and you’ll see.


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