Listen to Aron Wright’s ‘You & Me (The Wildfire)’ from Suits, Season 9, Episode 8, “Prisoner’s Dilemma’

Aron Wright’s ‘You & Me (The Wildfire)’ was featured on this week’s Suits — Suits, Season 9, Episode 8, “Prisoner’s Dilemma’.

The track was heard at the end of the episode as we see Louis tell Sheila he wants to get married before the baby arrives, and as Donna tells Harvey his mother has had a heart attack and has died.

Aron Wright’s ‘You & Me (The Wildfire)‘ was written by Wright and is currently a stand-alone single.

Wright himself is a Nashville-based singer songwriter that records his songs in the 100-year-old church he lives in.

He is making himself a name as an artist that creates beautiful songs much loved by the music supervisors of a number of TV shows including Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, Pretty Little Liars. Lucifer, The Originals and now Suits.

Listen to Aron Wright’s ‘You & Me (The Wildfire)‘ from Suits, Season 9, Episode 8, in the video below. You can also listen to the track in the Spotify widget below that.

Learn more about him and hear more of his music on the singer’s website.

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