Listen to Audra Mae’s ‘Feeling Good’ (feat. Avicii) from ‘Sense 8: A Christmas Special’


While I have long since become bored with the Netflix series ‘Sense 8‘, I do still enjoy much of the music the show uses for its soundtrack.

The ‘Sense 8: A Christmas Special‘ was no exception, as it included a couple of superb tracks, including Avicii‘s ‘Feeling Good‘, which was played during the opening underwater scene.

Avicii’s remix of the classic Nina Simone song ‘Feeling Good‘ was a collaboration the Swedish DJ and musician did with Swedish car company Volvo back in 2015.

It was done to celebrate Avicii being back in the music business after taking 8 months off due to feeling burnt out from the constant concerts and touring he had been doing for the last few years.

After only a year back, however, Avicii announced his retirement from touring completely in August of this year saying it was too taxing on his health. So, while he may have been ‘Feeling Good‘ in 2015, that feeling may not have lasted long.

Listen to Avicii’s ‘Feeling Good‘ in the official video below. It was a perfect fit for the ‘Sense 8: A Christmas Special‘ opening scene, wasn’t it?

And by the way, even though Avicii himself couldn’t be bothered to mention her name in his official video of the track or promote the woman actually singing ‘Feeling Good‘, her name is Audra MaeAvicii has used her before (‘used’ being the operative word) and she makes this song what it is. Not him.

So, yes, on this one I’m calling it Audra Mae’s ‘Feeling Good‘ (feat. Avicii), because without her? Meh.

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